Wholesome Organic Sucanat, Unrefined Whole Cane Sugar, Fair Trade, Non Gmo & Gluten Free, 1 Pound


ORGANIC SUCANAT WHOLE CANE SUGAR - Sucanat stands for Sugar Cane Natural, and Wholesome believes this is the least refined cane sugar you'll find outside of a cane stalk because...
  • ORGANIC SUCANAT WHOLE CANE SUGAR - Sucanat stands for Sugar Cane Natural, and Wholesome believes this is the least refined cane sugar you'll find outside of a cane stalk because none of the molasses is removed from the sugar for deliciously rich flavor

  • PERFECT SUBSITUTE - Use as a 1-for-1 replacement for refined white sugar or brown sugar. Perfect in hot or cold beverages, and delicious in baked goods

  • CLEAN, SIMPLE PRODUCTION - Sucanat is not crystallized, so no molasses is removed from the organic sugar cane juice. The juice is simply cooked and dehydrated into whole cane sugar granules

  • USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade Certified, Kosher certified, naturally Gluten Free, and Vegan

  • PACK OF 12 - Comes in Pack of 12 at 1 pound a bag

Brand : Visit the Wholesome Sweeteners Store
Size : 1 Pound (Pack of 12)
Dimension : 15.94 X 10.12 X 5.31 inches

Flavor Name:Organic Sucanat Sugar
Size:1 Pound (Pack of 12)

Wholesome Fair Trade Organic Sucanat is unrefined whole cane sugar. In fact, its the least refined sugar you can find outside of a cane stalk. Its made by squeezing the juice from fresh sugarcane and heating it to make a rich syrup. The syrup is dried to create the flavorful granules containing trace amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin B6 & potassium. Because Sucanat still contains all of the canes natural molasses, it has a deep flavor that enhances many foods. It can be substituted for brown or white sugar in any recipe and is especially good in chocolate-based recipes, baked goods, BBQ sauces and marinades. Wholesome has a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture. In adherence with strict organic standards, the sugar cane fields are green cut and are not burned or treated with chemical herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. This is better for the environment, which we believe is better for everyone. Fair Trade certification is Wholesomes guarantee that farming cooperatives are paid directly for their sugarcane. This means that the farmers can compete with factory farms, cultivate high quality cane crops, send their kids to school and build thriving communities.

Wholesome Sweeteners brings the very best of nature's sweetness to you and your family every day. Wholesome believes in traditional ways, artisanal products and a very light environmental footprint. After searching the world for the best products, Wholesome has focused on the tropics, where the climate and conditions are just right for growing organic sweeteners. With Fair Trade Certified organic and natural sweeteners from Central and South America and Africa, Wholesome is committed to making the world a sweeter place, one spoonful at a time.

The Fair Trade Certified logo represents Wholesome's commient to consumers that a fair premium price is paid to the farmers cooperatives that supply Wholesomes Fair Trade products.

Since initiating the Fair Trade Certified program in 2005, Wholesome Sweeteners has paid more than $800,000 directly to Fair Trade cooperative partners in Costa Rica, Malawi, Mexico and Paraguay. Fair Trade means that farmers can send their kids to school, keep their land, develop the quality of their harvest and build thriving communities.

Beyond the parameters of Fair Trade Certification, Wholesome selects suppliers based on a demonstrated commient to social responsibility and community outreach.

Wholesome Sweeteners' ethos is shaped by a deep concern for the long-term health of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

The USDA Organic logo is Wholesome's promise that we hold every product to the highest environmental standard. Each product bearing the USDA Organic logo has been grown and milled to USDA Organic standards, without the aid of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or chemicals.

Wholesome uses traditional methods:


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