Korean Snack Set

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Product details of Korean Snack Set

  • Delicious snacks
  • Made from Korea
  • Sweet
  • High Quality Snacks
  • Imported Snacks
  • 1pc X Haitai baby Milk strawberry flavor 27g 1pc X Jilin Yang Honey Butter Cashew 30g 1pc X Nongshim's charcoal barbecue flavor 90g 1pc X Orion Maigumi 66g 1pc X King of Orion 1pc X Binggrae sauce with mango jelly 80g 1pc X Haitai Shinchil three flavors 27g * 3 1pc X Lotte Yohai 74g 1pc X Lotte Lotte Waffle 40g 1pc X Crown Chocolate Weight 47g 1pc X Crown nationality peanut sand 70g 1pc X Lotte Kancho 54g 1pc X Crown White Heim 47g 1pc X Lotte Cereal Chocolate 42g 1pc X Lotte Pepero Noodle Cheese 39g 1pc X Lotte pepero noodle chocolate 43g 6pcs X Orion Chamboni bread 174g 1pc X Lotte strawberry cookie 230g 1pc X Lotte Margaret 12 pieces 264g