KGC Korean Panax Red Ginseng Extract Everytime 10 Portable Pouches

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KGC Korean Panax Red Ginseng Extract Everytime - Immune System, Natural Energy Stamina, Antioxidants Healthy Memory Function, Blood Circulation, 10 Portable Pouches

About the product
  • #1 GINSENG BRAND IN THE WORLD - When it comes to a product like ginseng, you do not want to go with a no name internet brand. KGC (CheongKwanJang) Has been considered the top brand in the world for 118 years! Our products have been given by the Korean Government to such dignitaries as Queen Elizabeth of England and President Xi Jinping of China.
  • LIKE A FINE WINE - Ginseng gets better with age. 6 years to be exact. Mature, six-year-grown Korean Red Ginseng roots contain up to 1.4 to 2 times the functional health components than younger roots. Our product has been grown for this 6 year period.
  • SUPERFOOD BENEFITS - Many do not realize all the many benefits of Ginseng Root for both Men and Women: Boosts the immune system, energy, and stamina, fights fatigue, promotes healthy blood circulation, supports memory function, eases stress, supports libido and sexual health.
  • SUPER R&D TEAM - We have 140 staff researchers at our R&D facility with PHD's or Master's Degree. Ginseng is our passion and we want our customers to get only the best product possible.
  • FIGHT BURNOUT - How many of us feel like its so hard to get through our days at work? Maybe you have tried caffeine capsules or some energy drink or powder packets, only to get a headache, or have jitters, or a terrible come down? Get a natural, sustained, jitter free energy boost with ginseng.