Prepare to be tortured: - the price you will pay for dating a narcissist

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self help, recovery from toxic relationships, narcissism

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A B Jamieson

86 Reviews

  • Posted by Alexandra Jones on 28th Sep 2020


    Amazing read

    This helped me understand why my ex would disappear so much. Love love love this book. Helped me a ton

  • Posted by Q on 27th Sep 2020


    Healing and educational

    I read it to better understand the torture I’m going through. It helps me

  • Posted by NUTT on 25th Sep 2020


    Amazing and healing

    Thank you. So helpful to see my experience in writing. Strongly recommend this book to anyone suffering in an abusive narcissistic relationship.

  • Posted by UpNorthFamily on 25th Sep 2020


    A must read

    Great book! Lots of good information. Writer knows what they are talking about. A must read for anyone in a relationship!

  • Posted by Sarah Miller on 24th Sep 2020


    The author does give a male and female narcissists example

    Easily breakdown of the NPD. Its not a blueprint for getting over your Narc experience. That will come from your mental strength.

  • Posted by franklin on 23rd Sep 2020


    Informative accurate liked

    Describes the relationship with a narcissist very well.Uses a fully narcissist example, but the severity of the disorder vary greatly and often overlap with the other disorders in cluster B. Along with any other issue/s one may have.

  • Posted by robyn harrington on 20th Sep 2020


    Very Informative

    I recommend this book because it comforts you while you are withdrawing from your narcissist. It is arms you with information so you can avoid making the appointment same mistake again

  • Posted by Irina Baytalyants on 20th Sep 2020


    Nailed it!

    The author made a slam dunk in describing what a relationship is like with a narcissist. This book tells it from the first meeting, thru the dating and conversations, and eventual break up. I wish there had been more describing 'after the break up' because it never goes well. These are usually the people who become stalkers and can ruin your life. Possibly threaten your life.

  • Posted by Diana Stewart on 19th Sep 2020


    Not Perfect but a Cathartic Read

    I am just jumping around the chapters. As others have said, not a scholarly text - no empirical data to back up the author's theories - but it doesn't claim to be that sort of book. I think it's written well-enough. The foreword and first pages are written badly (which is why I decided to jump around instead of reading cover to cover) and it makes you think the rest of the book will be rubbish but it is not.Overall I think this book is a cathartic read for anyone trying to recover from narcissistic abuse. There may be some revelations in here or maybe not but, we aren't always looking for new information anyway. Sometimes we just need to hear that someone else mirrors our own feelings for us to realize that what we are feeling is okay and justified and this book does do that for me. It has strengthened my reserve just a bit more and that can't be bad.I would give it 5 Stars but I have to remove a star for chapter 9. In chapter 9 (Narcissists and Ageing *brit sp.) he uses George Clooney as an example of a non-narcisstic "good guy" but when I think of narcissism in Hollywood, George Clooney is one of the first celebrities that comes to mind. I'm thinking back to when he flipped the bird in the background of a photo that Fabio's fans were taking of Fabio, as one example. I just think George Clooney was not the best example to use for an aging good guy and it makes me think the author might still have some work to do on themselves in terms of truly recognizing narcissism in others. He describes narcissism so well that I was baffled to read that part.