Digital images & movie production

IVYMEDIA, digital images & movie production company in Korea.

For the last decades, we’ve been leading the advertising market using computer graphics, and working in the following fields.

1) Architectural Imaging:
    Ivymedia produces high-quality promotional/advertising videos for various construction and construction sectors, including apartments, mixed-use residential building, knowledge industry centers, housing and corporate buildings, hotels, shopping centers, financial centers, schools, parks, dams, highways, power plants and etc.

2) Product/mechanical imaging:
   Ivymedia  implements CG more authentic than real to produce technical, exhibition, promotional, manual and advertising videos on the operation and control of high-quality products and machinery.

3) Still Cut
    Ivymedia creates print still cuts for touch and perspective, ISO, and interior design that are pre-implemented with precise, detailed product brochure rendering, rich mass and near-realistic lighting.

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