Hi-Country Snack Foods Domestic Meat and Wild Game Jerky & Sausage How-to Video

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The hunt is over...OUR experienced processors are ready to show what YOU can do with YOUR wild game in the comfort of YOUR HOME! Disc Menu: Safe Food Handling, Let's Talk Spice, Whole Muscle Jerky, Ground & Formed Jerky, Pet Snacks, Thrmal Processing for Jerky, Snack Sticks, Fresh Sausage, Goose/Duck Sausage, Wild Game Beer Brat's, Smoked Sausage Links, Sandwich and Snack Sausages, Using Protein Binders, Care of the Grinder, Special Section: Smoke, Cook, Dry Schedule. BONUS! How-To Make Spicy Honey Kist Jerky Beer & Onion Brats Jalapeno & Cheddar Sausage Rolls Since 1976 Hi-Country has been producing premium grade meat snacks under USDA inspection and the continued lieadership of Hi-Country's founder and president, Jim Johnson. At last, Jim has decided to begin sharing some of his best kept meat processing secrets and recipes with the public. -- Jim's long time love for the outdoors and his extensive knowledge of the meat industry has made it a natural choice for Hi-Country to become deeply involved with the creation of a consumable products line that the home meat processor can use to successfully make high-quality wild game, bird, and fish value added products. -- Hi-Country has graphically and functionally designed these products to project the spirit of more fully utiliizing the wide game harvested each season by hunters and fishermen.

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