Software Engineer

Minimum Requirements: bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field

1. Manage network and systems administrator staff members of IBSpot and prioritize all related activities including incidents (trouble tickets), acquisition projects, network hardware maintenance/upgrades, server hardware maintenance/upgrades and operating system updates as well as other team initiatives;

2. Assist in defining appropriate network, telecommunications and server technology standards to use within the company’s existing architecture;

3. Research and provide strategic direction on the use of new products/technology, including routers, switches, network management, security operations and management, wireless technologies and server hardware/software;

4. Participate in change management-related activities associated with the network and server environment including documentation requirements, scheduled outages, operational procedures, etc.;

5. Proactive monitoring of all network related components under network operations control and quick resolution during and after hours by following strong documentation, notification and escalation procedures;

6. Develop a network backup/disaster recovery plan for annual testing and network emergencies;

7. Deliver incident reports documenting production outages and detailing root cause analysis and action items to eliminate repeat occurrences;

8. Develop and report on all activities associated with health, performance and reliability of all network components and services under network operations control including capacity planning, availability trending and network performance;

9. Serve as liaison with users, IT personnel and network/server vendors concerning aspects of network and server support and growth.

10. Perform other related duties as assigned.


Software Developer 

Minimum Requirements: Master’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field

1. Leading and participating in all aspects of system architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, and support. Collaborating with the product management team to design, build and launch new features and products. Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with designers, product managers and other developers.

2. Utilize ReactJS, Redux and webpack to develop dynamic and engaging web applications, consistent across all browsers and platforms. Work with UI/UX designers to translate wireframes and components into interactive HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

3. Modern REST and GraphQL API development and infrastructure set up using Express or Loopback and relational databases(MySql, SQL Server, etc.) or NoSQL databases (Mongo DB, DynamoDB etc.). Manage Docker clusters with Kubernetes to deliver scalable, sustainable and engaging products.

4. Run A/B tests on new features and integrate with CI/CD pipelines, such as running tests, compilation steps and deployments based on Git hooks or Jenkins builds.

5. Perform other related duties as assigned.